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Athletico: Approved by the AFC as an elite
Today hardwork and perseverance pay off and we’d like to share with you our greatest achievement: Our academy has been approved as an elite one-star academy after meeting the 20 criteria in AFC Elite Youth Scheme. We want to thank each and everyone at Athletico: our Coaches, Technical Director, Administration, Parents and Kids.

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Athletico Sports Club

A club with a mission

The Athletico project started in 2006, with a group of parents coming together to give the best to their kids. It is with this vision that the club grew, to become today the leading academy in the region, with 8 branches across Lebanon. With a historic partnership with prestigious Olympique Lyonnais, a French Technical Director, a coaches' continuous training and development program, and a complete yearly program for every age group.

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In an exclusive interview, Jean-Francois Vulliez, Director of the OL academy and Clément Michon, International Relations manager, have answered several questions about our latest achievement: The One-Star label we have received from the AFC, after meeting 20 criteria in the AFC Elite youth scheme.

In an exclusive interview, Jean-Francois Vulliez, Director of the OL academy and Clément Michon, International Relations manager, have answered several questions about our latest achievement: The One-Star label we have received from the AFC, after meeting 20 criteria in the AFC Elite youth scheme.

How proud are you of Athletico after the club has been approved as an elite ONE-STAR academy by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)? 

Jean-Francois Vulliez: We are so proud of Athletico as it is the first football academy in the Middle East to receive a One-Star label by the AFC. When Stéphane first told us about the project, we felt so proud and honored to have accompanied Athletico team with the help of Stéphane d’Urbano, in their journey to build a professional football structure. Applying to the AFC elite youth scheme was an important step proving that the OL aims to partner with valuable clubs and the accomplishment shed the light on our philosophy and ambition to share our expertise with professional and determinate clubs. This achievement happened to occur at the 10th anniversary of the OL – Athletico partnership. 

Clément Michon:  We are extremely proud of Athletico. After the academy has grabbed the national title “best grassroots academy” two years ago, this second distinction substantiate the vision and the efforts of the founders. For OL, this achievement is one of the best rewards that clarifies why we engage with the clubs abroad. Athletico’s accomplishment confirms our mission which was always to help local clubs develop and build a professional football structure. 

Are you surprised by this achievement reached in 15 years?

 Jean-Francois Vulliez: When there is a will, there is a way. I am not surprised because when I first met Robert (Paoli) , René (Matta) , and the whole team behind this project, they had a strong will and determination to go forward. It has always been a humanistic project with a vision to create the best structure for the Lebanese youngsters where they can enjoy Football and dream of playing abroad.     

How do you see the club’s future with all the problems going on in Lebanon?    

Clément Michon: As we said before, this achievement certifies the quality-based work of Athletico and the vision of the founders; There is a message of HOPE in all of this, and we wish that it continues in the same direction and following the same philosophy. 

Jean-Francois Vulliez: Knowing the resilience of the Lebanese people, we think that once the country rehabilitates, the club will continue its progress, and this should be a beneficial period to work on the next goal.   

What message would you like to send to the young Lebanese football players after this accomplishment? Do you think that one day another Lebanese player could join the OL team?

Jean-Francois Vulliez: I will say WELCOME TO THE BEST FOOTBALL ACADEMY, at Athletico, you will be able to enjoy, dream and reach your goals. We can hope and dream that maybe one day a player will have the chance to play with OL, and if this happens, we will be very proud and happy. 

Clément Michon:  I totally agree to Jeff’s message and I’ll say to the young passionate players: even if you’re going through hard times now, DON’T STOP DREAMING.

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We accept kids born between 2001 and 2014. Older players can join our championship teams, younger children however are not encouraged to join as research shows that small children taking part in organized football activities too soon are more likely to drop out of the sport earlier. Some different activities are tailored for newborns to 5 year old children to develop their basic skills; at Athletico, we focus on the skills that are needed to develop starting age 5. 
We do not allow 1 day a week training because the kid will very quickly find himself not progressing as much as his or her teammates and be demotivated. We also are strong advocates of physical activity for a healthy growth, and believe that players in school are able to make time for more than 2 hours of physical activities per week. This will help them be more organized in school, more healthy physically, and capable of achieving more outside the court. 
Sure! At any Athletico branch, a player can come and try two sessions for free before registering. We want to make sure they are as happy as us to be on our team!
The Athletico outfit is mandatory on the field. It is a symbol of our team spirit! In winter, player with a windbreaker is highly encourages.

Ask in any sports shop for shoes with flat soles or small spikes made for artificial grass.
Athletico's training system was built in a way to lead talented players to achieve their dreams.

Our players are supervised by our French Technical Director, Stephane D'Urbano.

The training system is exactly similar to the one players receive at Olympique Lyonnais, the third youth training center in the world!

Teams have continuous competitions and matches arranged yearlong and have the opportunity to travel to participate in International Competitions.

Our top 10 players are also selected yearly to travel to Olympique Lyonnais and have a unique opportunity to train in their official teams.

If you are talented, you have come to the right place!