Our active partnership with Olympique Lyonnais gives us the privilege every year to send our elites players to France, to experience professional football at its best in Lyon’s second best training center in the world. This once in a lifetime opportunity is given to Athletico’s players for a chance to showcase their talents, and train with the highest European ranked teams in their age groups. Six of our talented players were selected based on their perfomrance to take part of this year’s OL trip.  Nicolas Azzi, Ralph Daniel, Roudy El Hajj, Elias Hammouch, Ryan Geremy Daher and Karim Semaan will travel on November 30, accompanied by Technical Director Stephane D’Urbano and Sami Tohme and will spend a week at Olympique Lyonnais where they will train, get to meet the Ligue 1 players, watch a professional game, and explore the beautiful Lyon!

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