After our huge success in the official Lebanese Cup, Athletico teams shined in the National Copa De Academia in all age categories: 2011-2010-2009-2008 & 2007

Here are the results:

Category 2010: Team 2010 SJS | Coach Fouad Rizk | 1st Place

After grabbing the silver cup last year in the A-League, this team kept their eye on the Golden title and grabbed it with passion. 

Category 2009: Team 2009 Beirut | Coach Roy Daher | 1st Place & Team 2009 Dbayeh | Coach Jimmy Faddoul | 2nd Place

For the 3rd time in a row, these two teams face each other in a cup final. In the Lebanese Cup, Team Dbayeh took the Gold Cup from Beirut who managed to get it back in the Copa De Academia. What incredible two teams, who keep pushing to surpass themselves. 

Category 2008: Team 2008 Dbayeh | Coach Farouk Sidhoum | 1st Place

3rd time Champion, this team earned its 3rd cup in the Copa De Academia after grabbing two official Lebanese Cups in 2018 & 2019.

Category 2007: Team 2007 Dbayeh | Coach George Esper | 1st Place

Our 2007s participated for the first time in an 11v11 tournament and fiercely made it to the finals. The final game against BFA ended in a no show by the opponent, but our team was rightfully crowned champion of the Copa De Academia Elite Category.

Category 2011: Team 2011 Dbayeh | Coach Maroun Hayeck | 2nd Place

This team has made huge improvement since the beginning of this season. First time in a National tournament, they managed to grab the 2nd place with an outstanding fighting spirit. 

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